Reasons for Sealing Parking Lots in Vaughan


Sealing a commercial parking lot in Vaughan provides many benefits, including reducing long-term damage and lowering maintenance costs.

Why Vaughan Parking Lots are Sealed

When steam begins to rise from the pavement during the humid days of summer, UV rays could be damaging your parking lot. Add in the slush and snow of winter, spring rainstorms, and debris blowing from high winds and the reasons for sealing a parking lot in Vaughan become obvious. A sealcoat protects the parking lot from the wear and tear weather can cause, even before the first wheels hit the pavement.

Since salt is a common Canadian weapon in the fight against ice, asphalt often begins to crack if it is left unsealed. Heavy rain and melting snow can also leave cracks in a parking lot. As temperatures soar and plummet, pavement contracts and expands, as does the water in any existing cracks, causing even more damage. Water may even begin to leak under the parking lot’s foundation, leading to repaving the lot.

Add in the flow of traffic over the parking lot and associated fluid leaks and debris, and unsealed pavement can be left stained and damaged.

Even More Reasons to Seal a Parking Lot

When you call a parking lot sealing service in Vaughan, ensure that they are licensed in accordance with Vaughan’s by-laws. All pavers need a license, including those who include or focus solely on sealing parking lots.

Never underestimate the impression a freshly sealed parking lot can make on your customers. It helps create a professional first impression—one you can play up even more with a dark sealant and freshly painted parking lines.

Seal coated properties are also easier to maintain since the smooth surface makes it easier to remove snow and debris. It can also be pressure washed without the stress of causing damage.

Sealing a Vaughan parking lot also helps slow the oxidation process since small holes and pits are filled with sealant instead of oxygen.

Filling small pits and marks also helps reduce water damage by waterproofing the parking lot. This is especially important if the parking lot isn’t level to begin with and doesn’t drain properly after rain and thaws.

Although there will be an additional cost to applying a sealcoat after your parking lot has been paved or repaired, it will quickly pay for itself with the money saved by avoiding repairs. Crack, sinking spots, and stains should be significantly reduced, especially if the sealcoat is reapplied every two or three year.

If you have purchased a property and are uncertain if the parking lot was sealed, there are a few clues. Watch for potholes, cracks, pitting, depressions, and weeds sprouting from the cracks. These are signs that a sealcoat either wasn’t added or wasn’t reapplied in a timely manner. If the damage is significant, it’s worth repaving the lot before sealing it to maximize the life of the asphalt.

Whether you’re already repairing the lot or just want to preserve work that’s already by done, it’s worth consulting an experienced Vaughan paver about sealing your parking lot. With 25 years in the industry, Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc is happy to help beautify and protect your investment and back it up with industry leading warranty. Contact us today to see how we can assist.

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